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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I see an audiologist?
    Just like your primary physician, eye doctor, and dentist, you should have a regular schedule for visiting an audiologist. Hearing loss is the the most common health problem and the early stages of it are difficult to notice without professional help. You can take measures to prevent hearing loss by receiving annual audiology check-ups. Many people do not realize an audiologist visit should be part of their regular care routine.
  • How can I tell if I or someone else in my family has hearing loss?
    The early stages of hearing loss are difficult to notice and the best way to keep up with your hearing ability is to regularly receive an audiology checkup. Keeping track of your hearing health can help you preserve hearing into old age. Here are some common signs that someone has hearing loss: Listening to TV at loud volumes Difficulty hearing teachers in class Difficulty answering simple questions Difficulty hearing consonant sounds like “sh” and “ch” Frequently complaining that people mumble too much Difficulty hearing people close to you in crowded places
  • Does an audiologist treat anything other than hearing loss?
    Yes! Your inner ear is also home to the vestibular system, which regulates balance. If you experience frequent bouts of dizziness or vertigo, an audiologist can determine whether or not an inner ear disorder is responsible.
  • Is hearing loss curable?
    There is no “cure” for most forms of hearing loss. The condition is usually caused by natural wear and tear over time. However, treatment is still available through the use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other listening devices.
  • Is there any way to prevent hearing loss?
    These depends on many factors, but there are many steps you can take to protect your ears and possibly prevent the severe hearing loss that is common in seniors. By discussing your lifestyle with an audiologist, they can tell you what things in your life may have an impact on your hearing and recommend ways you can practice hearing conservation.
  • Will I need a hearing aid if I have hearing loss?
    This depends on the cause of your hearing loss. While most permanent forms of hearing loss require listening devices for treatment, there are some instances where the condition can be treated with medication or surgery.
  • How will I know what kind of hearing aid to get?
    First, you will need to undergo an audiological evaluation to make sure that a hearing aid is an appropriate treatment for your condition. Once an audiologist has assessed your hearing, they can recommend a hearing aid that best addresses your needs Most people have never been to an audiologist until they have personally experienced hearing problems or have a loved one who is having difficulty hearing problems. Many of our prospective and first-time patients have questions about the services we offer and how we can assist them. If you would like to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team directly, call +919686663776 to schedule an appointment with an audiologist at any of our clinic locations in Bangalore.
  • Can I wait for sometime and then probably use Hearing aids?
    If you are waiting for sometime to go for the hearing aids, then you are not providing stimulus to the auditory area of the brain for that much time ,so gradually that area gets deprived which is called auditory deprivation . So after you decide that yes now i need to go for hearing aids ,you won't get the best results due to the auditory deprivation that occured in the auditory area of the brain. Analogy: This is like you are not using your hands for long time and the hands are at rest , so next time you want to lift something with your hands you will feel it's extremely difficult to do so.
  • I don’t want to go for Hearing aids, can you give me ear drops or medicine (For all kinds of Ear problems?
    Like we got to know all the medicines and surgical treatment can be done for the outer and middle ear problems. Most of the hearing loss are due to inner ear problem and irreversible . If it occurs in the auditory nerve area beyond inner ear then surgery is a must but if the hearing loss occurs due to cochlear haircell damage (crucial part of inner ear),then there is absolutely no treatment. Sometimes if the treatment is taken between 72 hrs , intratympanic steroid application helps a bit but even after steriod application some degree of hearing loss will be there. So see the diagnosis written on the report , that gives you better idea about where exactly the problem is . Example- sensori-neural type of hearing loss means it's due to inner ear or auditory nerve whcih is mostly irreversible .
  • I don’t want to use Hearing aids in both the Ears ( Even if both the ear are diagnosed with some short of Sensorineural Hearing loss). Fit one Hearing aid, I will come again later for the second one.
    If the Audiometry (Puretone audiometry) test result shows hearing loss is in both the ears ( sometimes you may feel loss is in one ear, the side where loss is more) then you should not delay the fitting of hearing aids in both the ears because if you get fitted with one hearing aid the balance of hearing won't be there. Speech may sound unnatural because in one ear you are listening normal and another one with the hearing aids amplified speech. Auditory deprivation occurs even if you are using one hearing aid and loss is on both the ears.
  • I don’t want to invest much, give me the wired one ( Pocket model)
    You are right investing excess is not needed but the wired pocket model hearing aids are outdated and does not work according to frequency specific amplification. It amplifies all the sounds together without considering how much loss you have in which Frequency . Go for the basic level or mid range digital programmable hearing aids which can be programmed through computer according to your hearing loss and let me tell you if you will calculate it will be 5 rupees per day for those programmable one. So rather spending money on other things 5 rupees per day is what you need to spend on your hearing health. Hearing better regulates your cognition too in long-term. Long-term hearing loss may affect the attention, concentration , socialization etc. The person may feel isolated if mot listening to others properly.
  • I am listening well, but people around me are talking slowly. Is your report correct, do I really need to use Hearing aids?
    In case of old age hearing loss or a person with hearing loss for long time always there is a misbelief that may be the other person is speaking slowly and we adjust ourselves by looking at the other person's mouth and start doing lip reading . In that case we start lossing our hearing ability gradually , we don't get feedback of our own voice so we tend to speak louder than a person usally does. Turning up the volume of the T.v to higher than usual is also seen in some cases. Requesting for repeation, answering out of context are some of the signs of hearing loss . So it's us who need to take action today.
  • Medical Science is so advanced nowadays, how can it be possible that there is no cure for Sensori-Neural Hearing aids?
    Yes there are some research still going on to restore the hearing loss which occurs due to damage in cochlea but it's not completed yet.Intratympanic Steriod application may show some results but not that much effective and the treatment can be taken for sudden hearing loss only(within 72 hrs of hearing loss ), Considering the adverse effects of steroid application it is not widely used.
  • My relative, my neighbour used Hearing aids but that didn’t work for him/her, will it work of me?
    That person may have different loss , may be he didn't use appropriate hearing aids or the hearing aid programming was not done properly. If that doesn't work for any other person that doesn't mean it won't work for everyone.
  • All kinds of Hearing loss occur due to wax in ears, after cleaning may be I can hear completely?
    In Otoscopy ( video Otoscopy latest one) the doctor can see whether wax is there or not and you can see your ear canal on the monitor screen . That will be removed by the doctor easily if at all there. But it's wrong to think like each and every hearing loss is due to wax deposition .It can be problem in any part of the ear can be irreversible also.
  • Does Hearing aids damage ears?
    Now a days digital programmable hearing aids can be programmed according to loss of the patient in each frequencies , so that over amplification won't be there anytime . Moreover sudden noise can be blocked automatically by the programmble hearing aids . So, there is no harm in using the digital programmable hearing aids , non-digital or pocket model hearing aids may damage the hearing and ear in some cases. Please get that hearing aids and voice amplifiers are totally two different electronic devices. So see the packaging and see whether it's a hearing aid or voice amplifier. Never go for voice amplifiers it will definitely damage your hearing and ears.
  • Can I buy it online?
    One benefit is not having to get out of your pajamas to order them and have them brought directly to your home. Some devices are also priced very low, making it seem like a more desirable option. But what most buyers don’t realize is that they are not paying for a hearing bundle of services, as they would with an audiologist – they are only paying for the hearing device. Paying for those services individually for the next five years, in addition to the cost of the hearing aid, can end up costing a lot more. ONLINE SALES ARE NOT APPROVED BY THE HEARING AID MANUFACTURERS AND HENCE YOU WONT GET WARRANTY. DON’T GET CHEATED

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find quick answers to common queries about our services, products, and hearing solutions. Your concerns, clarified for a seamless experience.

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